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Fill your life with fragrance
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My Story

I was introduced to the Scentsy family by a friend. She told me how the products were safe for kids and pets (wouldn't burn them and I had little kids at the time). I bought some of the products and LOVED them!! So, I decided to join the family to share these great products with others! I thought it was just me that loved the products, but even my kids comment on how good things smell!! My daughter even has a scent pak in her drawer so her clothes will smell good and my son grabbed one of the Dryer Disks and put it in his bed under his sheet. He comments all the time about how it still smells good... And they did it on their own. I didn't do it...In addition to the products being great, Scentsy company always gives back to others and makes things right. Great company, great products!! Can't say much more than that to sum it up...